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Wherever I lay my lens cap, that's my home.

Wherever I go, I take my camera. Wherever I go I take lots of photographs. In some cultures the people believe that a part of their soul is stolen when their picture is taken. If this is true then the places I have been and the people I have met there should have no soul left.

I always ask their permission first, I always show them the image on the back of my camera, I shake their hands and smile as I thank them, and sometimes I give them something.

But even when they say no and that moment is never recorded, the souls of those people, the places they live, and the experience of meeting them all survive forever in my mind. This is what you get when you only take photographs in special places.





Wherever you go clicking, please click on the green links and you'll find yourself in one of a myriad of albums filled with pictures that I made myself without any help from my Mum.


My Beautiful Bulgaria



And Beyond

Not only but also ...

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