Моята красива България ... my beautiful Bulgaria.

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Peace at Last


Desperately  Seeking Peace at Last

October was the first cool month since my arrival in Bulgaria and the first month in which my lovely new home wasn't overrun by tradesmen.

This gave me the time and energy to finish unpacking my belongings and to put the first serious effort into sorting out my unbelievably large and unbelievably overgrown garden, together with the almost derelict barn that stands within it. I also gave a bit of attention to my grape vines and planted a couple of new ones.

So it was a very busy month without me actually going anywhere. Though I did find the time to keep nipping inside for tea, coffee, siestas and rakia.

The highlight of the month was feeling that the peace that I had yearned for had at last come into my life and I really fell in love with that old house in Malki Chiflik.

And I stood with my mouth open as I stared at the clear night skies ...

The Malki Chiflik Moon.


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