Моята красива България ... my beautiful Bulgaria.

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Here, There and Everywhere


Desperately  Seeking Freedom from the Ottoman Yoke

This month I've been taking pictures of ...

Veliko Tarnovo with its Independence Day celebrations.

Elena with its sports stadium and monastery.

Sofia with its Russian monuments, its Russian Church and its Quality Streetesque soldiers.

Dryanovo with its monastery and its cliffs full of bat caves.

Gabrovo with its Socialist era buildings, brutalist statues, a lovely old church and a river a bit short of water because we were right at the ned of a long hot summer.

The Emen Gorge with its frog, its lake and its waterfall.

The Troyan Monastery with its monastery type things, its frescoes (not Tesco's), its monks' graves and its monks's skulls.

Red Peppers at the red pepper market in Gabrovo.


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