Моята красива България ... my beautiful Bulgaria.

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Heading North


Desperately  Seeking A Rock Hewn Church

Starting off with a walk up the limestone gorge near the village of Elena. I went with my good friend Galena, her daughter and two of her friends. We planned to walk to the waterfall but it was a bit hot so we only made it half way which enabled us to spend a bit more time than planned on our picnic.

Moving on to Ruse, a beautiful old city on the southern bank of the Danube ... Romania being on the opposite shore. This was a place with gorgeous old buildings (plus some very impressive Socialist era monstrosities), public squares and fountains and sculptures formed from mud dredged from the river bed ... on the hottest day I have ever known in Europe.

On my way home I couldn't resist a wander round the 13th Century rock hewn church in a gorge near Ivanovo because isn't that what holidays are all about?

Me and a wistful lady in Ruse.


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