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Netherlands - Amsterdam

Desperately Seeking Op De Lijnen

A wonderful weekend of canals, beer, bridges, pannenkoeken, windmills, apple pie with slagroom, cheeky ladies in windows, genever, fine art, trams and boats and planes in Amsterdam with my dear friend Suzana.

Damrak at dusk in Amsterdam.

Ireland - Mostly Dublin

Desperately Seeking Grace Gifford

Ireland ... my terrible beauty!

Whizzing about all over the place so there's pictures of Clondalkin, Kilkenny, Howth and Dublin's Kilmainham Gaol and Dublin Castle.

Sunset on Howth.

Italy - Toscana

Desperately Seeking Mr and Mrs Butters

My all time favourite wedding.

Featuring our Sophie and our Tim, and set amongst the beautiful rolling scenery of Italy's Tuscan hills.

The vast majority of these photographs were taken by Andrea and Federica ...


But the rest were taken by me.

Sophie and Tim and the tribes.

Ireland - Belfast

Desperately Seeking Yer Man

A grand wee tour of wee Belfast taking in Queen's University, the Titanic Experience, the Harland & Wolff Shipyard, Glentoran 1 Linfield 2, the utterly majestic City Hall, the Falls and Shankhill Roads, Milltown Cemetery, a wee drop of Guinness and just everything that's lovely about Belfast.

She was alright when she left here!

Portugal - Mostly Lisbon

Desperately Seeking Cristiano Ronaldo's Sister

Six days away with Paul (Rigger) and Paul (Bugsy) in Lisbon and Sintra in warm and sunny Portugal.

This was just a whirlwind time of culture, architecture, history, fairy tale palaces, Moorish castles, little custard tarts, football, port, beer and lovely friendly people.

Obrigado Lisboa.

Lisbon sunset. Well actually the sun was setting behind me but you know what I'm getting at.

Netherlands - Just Maastricht

Desperately Seeking an Excuse to Return to Maastricht

Maastricht again, and possibly for the final time. The graduation of my thirdborn child Rose at this fine city's university.

I'll find an excuse ... I know I will.

Don't you know we're riding on the Maastricht Express?


Desperately Seeking the Larks Still Bravely Singing

One hundred years, almost to the day, after the Great War began my sister Beverley and I toured the sombre but now silent Somme Battlefield from our base camp caravan at Noyelles Sur Mer in Northern France.

The most notable stop on our tour was the cemetery at Ligny-St Flochel to visit the grave of our great uncle Harry Campbell who died near there on 1st June 1918.

Thiepval ... to remember those missing from the Battle of the Somme.

Netherlands - Hup Holland!

Desperately Seeking Willy van de Kerkhof

How I hupped my way round Holland from delightful Delft to gorgeous Groningen to amazing Arnhem to magical Maastricht during the 2014 World Cup.

Hup Holland Hup!

Hup Holland and up the rest of the world!

Netherlands - Maastricht

Desperately Seeking André Rieu

Maastricht! Magnificent Maastricht!

My second home.

I love this city as much as local boy André Rieu does.

Hup André!

The sad giraffe lady of Maastricht.

Netherlands - Arnhem

Desperately Seeking a Bridge Too Far


A desperately sad place where the events of 1944 will never be forgotten. Remembered for the right reasons, however. Today it was a warm and sunny place. Serenity where there was once such horror.

Arnhem ... a symbol of peace after all the suffering.

Netherlands - Groningen to Arnhem

Desperately Seeking a Paling (Called Michael)

The rocky road from Groningen to Arnhem.

Another splendid journey calling in at the gorgeous little town of Elburg which was a former member of the Hanseatic League (which they won in 1367 and were runners-up in 1402 and 1453).

Hup Elburg City!

The Elburg Lions ... top of the Hanseatic League.

Netherlands - Groningen

Desperately Seeking a Kijk in 't Jatbrug

A gorgeous day out in gorgeous Groningen with my gorgeous Groningen guide, Paulien.

Groningen ... famously the bicycle city of the Netherlands.

Netherlands - Delft to Groningen

Desperately Seeking a Little Fermented Curd

The rocky road from Delft to Groningen which, I am reliably informed by a lady in the know, is longer than the road from Groningen to Delft.

However, no matter what the distance, it was a splendid journey calling in at the little towns of Monnickendam and Edam and crossing the mighty Afsluitdijk en route.

Hup Nederland!

Incidentally, I almost gave this album the title Desperately Seeking Dirk Spronk.

What a dijk! The Afsluitdijk is 32 kilometers long and connects the province of North Holland with the province of Friesland.

Netherlands - Delft

Desperately Seeking The Girl With The Pearl Earring

A wonderful couple of days with Johannes Vermeer, Nijntje, Ernest and Catharina, a Chinese American lady who wouldn't get out of the way when I was taking photographs in the Royal Delft porcelain factory, Albert Heijn and his hamsters, a canal or two, my all time favourite working windmill and ample portions of raw herring.

Not only my favourite windmill in Delft, but also my favourite windmill in the world.

Italy - Rome

So what have the Romans ever done for us ... apart from giving us the Colosseum, the Vatican Museums, St Peter's Basilica, the fountains, the statues, the fridge magnets, the beer, the Cornettos, the pigeons, the Nuns, the Pantheon, Giuseppe Verdi and the wine?

 The Pope's house in Rome.

Sicily & Aeolian Islands

Desperately Seeking Ingrid Bergman

A week and a bit spent exploring the volcanoes, beaches, bars and fridge magnet shops of sun kissed Sicilia and the Aeolian Islands of Lipari, Vulcano and Stromboli.

Panarea and Stromboli.

Sweden & Denmark

Desperatetly Seeking Nina Persson

A trip, via Copenhagen, to Sweden to install my third born child at her seat of learning at the University of Jönköping.

Vättern lake, the Systembolaget shop and the town of Lund also featured in our journey to the northlands.

It's a sign. It's a sign. On the shores of Lake Vättern near Jönköping, Sweden.

France, Belgium & Netherlands

Desperately Seeking Sapper Harry Campbell

A five day tour of the bits of Europe closest to home with overnight stays in Arras in France, Rochefort in Belgium and lovely Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Places of great interest along the way included the grave of my Great Uncle, Sapper Harry Campbell, in the military cemetery at Averdoingt, the birth place of the artist Henri Matisse and the birthplace of Leffe Trappist beer.

Vimy Ridge Memorial, France.


Desperately Seeking Ferenc Puskás

A week in which the Mighty Magyars met the Mighty Mullan. Ferenc vs Terenc, so to speak.

Mighty wanderings with my camera ensued around Lake Balaton, Veszprém, Eger and Budapest taking many a photer of many a fő tér as well as a marzipan museum, the broad majestic Danube and the magnificent Ferenc Puskás Stadium where Glory Glory Leeds United lifted the Inter Cities Fairs Cup in September 1968 after beating Ferencvárosi TC in a two-legged final and where the Hungarian national side beat England 7-1 in May 1954.

Köszönjük tartozik. Én élveztem minden percét a tartózkodás a szép országban.

Sunset on the Danube and the Hungarian Parliament ... the building that thinks it's a wedding cake.

Belgium, Netherlands & Germany

Desperately Seeking Johnny Hallyday

My greatest ever railway journey of the world (so far) taking me from Chippenham to London to Brussels to Liege to Maastricht to Aachen to Cologne and back.

The Hauptbahnhof in Cologne, Germany.

Bosnia i Herzegovina, Montenegro & Croatia

Desperately Seeking Marshal Josip Broz Tito

I went to Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and trod a few footsteps in a tiny bit of Montenegro.

I visited such lovely places as Trebinje, Sutjeska National Park and Maglic Mountain, Sarajevo, the tiny and remote village of Lukomir, Mostar and then Dubrovnik in Croatia.

Lovely places and lovely people but all with a sad story to tell.

Stari Most (the Old Bridge) in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Germany - Berlin

Desperately Seeking  Jürgen Sparwasser

A Long weekend in the German capital with Ian, Rigger, bier and bratwurst.

The Olympiastadion, the Stasi Prison and the kircshkuken were probably the highlights.

Kirschkuken at the Olympiastadion. Who needs football?

Luxembourg & Germany

Desperately Seeking a Schloss

A mini tour of Europe starting and finishing in Maastricht but taking in Luxembourg, Trier, the Mosel Valley and a bit of the Rhine around Koblenz.

Lots of lovely things to see but not enough time. I must do it again sometime.

A bend in the Mosel.

Poland - Mostly Krakow

Desperately Seeking Jan Tomaszewski

A weekend in the magnificent old city of Kraków with its beautiful buildings, beautiful venison stew, beautiful vodka and terrible past.

Included in my self planned itinerary was a visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp and consequently some of these photographs are quite disturbing.

An eastern type chap demonstrating the power of flatulence in Rynek Główny, Kraków, Poland.