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Trinidad & Tobago

Desperately Seeking the Mighty Sparrow

Despite visiting this tropical paradise during the wet season I had a wonderful time.

In Trinidad I stayed in the capital, Port of Spain, but was shown the rest of the island by the two most friendly guides in the world, Vanessa and Ulrich, both of whom could have beaten Ireland hands down in a talking competition.

Tobago was the real paradise though, which I discovered as I drove around exploring Buccoo, Englishman's Bay, Bloody Bay, Charlotteville and Scarborough where I found the Dwight Yorke Stadium.

The food, the people and the weather were all very warm, even when it rained.

One day I'll go back ... when it's not raining.

 This isn't the Mighty Sparrow. This is just a very large bird. The Mighty Sparrow was a Calypso singer from Trinidad and the finest the world has ever known an' ting.


Desperately Seeking a Calmer Chameleon

I will always be grateful to the beautiful, friendly Malagasy people who showed me that even in this world of greed and inequality it is possible to live a happy and simple life, albeit in great poverty.

The wildlife, sunshine, landscape, food and rhum were as spectacularly welcoming as the people were themselves.

Misaotra Madagascar.

Let's just say she's called Dorothy.

Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam

Desperately Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment

My big fat cycle ride through Indo China, courtesy of Exodus Travels with seventeen lovely fun-packed travelling companions plus three brilliant guides in Siam, Dyka and Linh plus lashings of Saigon Beer and a large tub of Vaseline.

Children of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.


Desperately Seeking Tommy Cooper

Fez-tive season fun in Marrakech and Essaouira, Morocco with my old mate Claire.

Football on the beach at Essouira, Morocco.


Desperately Seeking Teófilo Cubillas

The most breathtaking scenery I have ever witnessed whilst trekking along the Mollepata and Salcantay extended route of Peru’s Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Also taking in the beautiful old towns of Aguas Calientes and Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley and a feast of guinea pig before a night on the pisco in Cusco.

Two utterly magical weeks of my life that I still think back to daily and which I will never ever forget.

Llama Lady in Cusco, Peru.


Desperately Seeking Mahtab

Don't believe what the Western media tells you about Iran. It is quite possibly the friendliest place I have ever been on Earth.

In what other country would local people invite you to a tea shop to buy you a cuppa so that they can practice their English and learn about Britain, a place that they love?

The hustle and bustle of Tehran; the beautiful provincial cities of Shiraz, Yaz'd, Na'in, Isfahan, and Kashan; and the spectacular archaeological sites at Persepolis, Necropolis and Pasargad together with wonderful sunshine, food and friendship made this one of my most memorable travelling experiences ever.

The Persians are the last people in the world that we should be falling out with.

Midnight at the oasis.


Desperately Seeking Ernest y Ernesto

Mangos, melons, machetes, Marias, mojitos, madness and more mojitos in a big bike ride around Cuba. In fact . . . probably . . . the best trip in the world ever!

Es un escandolo!

And many thanks to Aileen, Alison and Pip who took a fair few of these photos.

Immersing myself in the local culture with the herbal remedy man in Santiago, Cuba.