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Like a Stormy Sea


I gotta feeling inside of me. It’s kinda strange, like a stormy sea. I gotta feeling that I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve been to see The Damned play live (it must be about a dozenish) and I had another strange feeling when I went to see them at Bristol Academy on Sunday night.

The thing is I’ve seen them so many times it’s just not exciting any more. A Damned gig is really more like catching up with old mates than throwing myself into a frenzy of hard core punk, even though it was a frenzy of hard core punk. I always know exactly what is going to happen and roughly exactly almost what songs they are going to perform. However, the hairs still stood up on the back of my neck when they did New Rose and Love Song and Antipope and their classic anthem Smash It Up with its long and tantalising introduction. I went there with young Susan me lass who had never experienced the pleasure of punk before and seemed quite impressed, although her introduction to this wonderful world was thirty five years late.

The cherry on the Damned’s cake was the fact that there was a full house due to the presence of a top notch support band in the form of the Dickies, all the way from San Fernando in a sunny part of the USA (what on earth made them go to Bristol on this dank, dismal Sunday night?). They were very good and their camp, Ramones inspired front man, Stan Lee, took the piss out of the Damned’s Captain Sensible as well as Captain Sensible can piss take himself when he is performing at his best. The Dickies’ punk version of Silent Night together with the Damned’s Sanity Clause gave the whole event a sort of festive / pantomime feel. I almost felt the need to eat a Brussels sprout and pull my cracker!

Earlier in the weekend I had attended, also with young Susan me lass, a wedding in the Nunney / Frome / Rode area just south of the Wiltshire /Somerset border. As weddings go it was an absolutely jolly fine occasion indeed and I enjoyed every minute of it apart from the fear of being struck by lightning while I was in the beautiful old Anglo Saxon church in Nunney and the traditional but utterly cak music of Earth, Wind & Fire, Abba, Michael Jackson and Chic at the disco end of the proceedings. A day, nonetheless, that will remain etched in my memory forever for its beautiful new potatoes stuffed with strips of beef as we quaffed Bucks Fizz and yearned for Guinness. Any road, in the unlikely event that Emma and Neil will ever read this, thank you for a lovely day and good luck to both of you in all you do together.

It was such a shame that Emma and Neil couldn’t come to see the Damned with us though. The perfect way, in my opinion, to start a lifetime of wedded bliss.

And speaking of the church and Guinness, today one of my very reverend Roman Catholic customers told me that Guinness is mentioned in the Bible. Romans Chapter 8 Verse 31 states, “If God is for us, who can be a Guinness?”

But the bottom line is that the Damned are an absolutely cracking band to see live, even if you don’t like punk, and Wetherspoon’s in Melksham is an absolutely cracking place to have your breakfast on a Sunday morning, even if you don’t like Melksham.


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