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When I stepped out of the Hauptbahnhof, a railway station that boasted more shops than the whole of Wiltshire, I looked at Cologne and said, "Eau!" because all I could see was the breathtaking view of a most incredible cathedral.

Apparently this massive church which took seven hundred years to build (the builders had a hundred years off in the sixteenth century) is the fifth largest in the world. I don't know where the four bigger ones are but now I feel like a man with a mission.

On a day when time was restricted and the weather looked like it might impose even more restrictions upon my Teutonic travelling, it seemed a good idea to take in the sights of this wonderful old city by means of an open top bus tour. It turned out that 90% of it (the city, not the bus) had been rebuilt since 1945 but big chunks of it were of Roman origin and pre-dated yer man Jaysus by many a year.

To celebrate my successful venture across the border from Maastricht (via Aachen) I treated myself to a couple of small glasses of fine German beer and a large plate of Fleischkäse in the Früh am Dom beer hall before hopping off down the bahnhof to catch the train back to my Limburger base.

Danke Deutschland für einen groβen Tag heraus.


koln bahnhof

Der Hauptbahnhof von Köln bis zum Nacht.

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08/11/2012 22:46:23

4711, a cologne from the past!!