Did you know that [counter] people have been having a skeg at my little autonomous region?




When I started writing this blog I had visions of going to internet cafés in far flung corners of the world to type up tales of my intrepid travels. However, the only place I have managed to write an update in an internet café so far has been in Cusco on a day off from the trekking and the guinea pig tasting during my trip to the High Andes of Peru.

I’m always far too busy when I’m away to be bothered wandering away from the action to sit in gloomy little sweaty little booths previously occupied by Aussies checking cricket results, Yanks checking their share prices, Canadians checking that their moose is still alive, people from Surrey checking the weather forecast, or Geordies downloading porn.

My second time in an internet café has been this week in that most exotic of locations, Chippenham. This has been due to the fact that my internet Wi-Fi pisspot facility at home has given up its feeble struggle and finally died on me. So I’ve been getting up each morning six hours before I was due to go to bed and wandering down to Steamers café at Chippenham railway station to do mostly work related stuff but also to check that my moose is still alive.

So while I’m here, at a principal stop on Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s London to Wales and the West railway line, not far from Junction 17 on the majestic M4 motorway, only ten miles from the engineering miracle of the Kennett and Avon canal, and at the western extreme of the route taken by the No 55 bus to Swindon (via Calne and Wootton Bassett) I thought it would be rude not to highlight the fact that Chippenham is such a major crossroads in our communications network and hence an appropriate place to be knocking out a travel blog.  

The coffee’s quite nice here in Steamers and there are no distractions (apart from a an unexplained decision by Transport Police to evacuate the entire station on Tuesday) and paying £1 for thirty minutes of computer time is probably cheaper and better use of my own time than buying and setting up a brand new computer at home would be.

I have been here bright and early every morning this week which, in terms of internet café visits, makes the current score a resounding Chippenham Town 5 Rest of the World 1.

But I’m going travelling in Europe tomorrow . . . with time on my hands . . . so watch this space. I only hope that the standard of internet cafés across Europe is as good as it is in North West Wiltshire.

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