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Good Morning Indo China


At last, the gloves are off, the bicycle clips are on and my strict training regime for my Exodus cycling trip to Indo China and Angkor is well and truly underway.

I had previously fooled myself into believing that by walking down to the Kowloon Kitchen to order a number 23 with egg fried rice and prawn crackers, I was preparing myself for the culture shock of South East Asia and my intrepid cycle ride from Bangkok to Saigon next February.

But this weekend I have recommenced my trips to my gymnasium, I have eaten only healthy food and I have been sleeping more than five hours per night. So even if I haven’t really made any progress physically, my mind seems set for the preparation and execution of the big adventure.  

What has inspired me more to get my head out of the fridge and my arse into gear is the fact that in the last week I have received in the post copies of two different Exodus brochures in which a photo of me loitering with intent at an Inca ruin has been included. Such an honour. This, to me, means more than a knighthood would. And seeing my ugly mug on page 183 (yes, I’m a page 183 boy) of the 2013-14 Exodus Discovery book makes me want to see my photograph on other pages of this marvellous publication in future years. This might sound a bit soppy but I love Exodus. They have brought me back to life. They have become an obsession, as has my need to travel.

I would write more but going to bed at a reasonable hour is now part of my plan so I’d best be toddling off and tucking in. I doubt if I’ll go straight to sleep though because my mind is awash with thoughts and images of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam . . . see page 131 of the 2013-14 Exodus Discovery book!

But I wonder if when I get back I will miss Saigon as much as I miss Sarajevo.

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