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Dave of Destruction


I detest those months that end with ‘ber’ as really they should end with ‘brr’ because they are the months in which my world becomes a cold, dark place. Today we are four days into that sinister period which means there are only one hundred and eighteen more days to go until we emerge at the other side, all happy and smiling on 1st January 2013. I’m so glad I have travel plans between now and then because there is nothing more miserable than an English winter. 

Actually, there is something more miserable than an English winter and that is an English winter when the whole country has been torn apart by austerity cuts in an attempt to restore a pulse in our dying economy. I feel quite strongly about this but I always aim to make my travel blog a happy place so I try not to mention the fact that we have a Tory Government (aided and abetted by the Liberal Demontwats) which is quickly dismantling the few good things that remain in this country. The only people benefitting from the abhorrence of Prime Minister David Cameron’s misrule are the wealthy and the grave diggers. I rejoiced when Thatcher stood down in 1990 but now, it seems, those dark days are back again as our once proud nation hurtles towards disaster at the hands of a bunch of slimy and arrogant public schoolboys intent only upon lining their own pockets and with complete disregard for anyone who is the slightest bit disadvantaged in life. 

Today Cameron had a cabinet reshuffle in an attempt to strengthen his government’s grip as they try to bring us out of our double dip recession. Today he put ministers in charge of government departments where they have no right to be and where, based on their comments in the past, they are only likely to cause destruction and decay. Today I felt even more determined to leave Britain than ever. No country in the world has a perfect government and I know for a fact there are many far worse than ours, but I’m also pretty sure no country in the world has this class system that we are blighted with and no country’s leader has pressed the self destruct button as firmly as ours has. 

Sorry to moan but this really gets me down.


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