Did you know that [counter] people have been having a skeg at my little autonomous region?


Incas Inc.


Now we are in Peruuuuuuuu!

This wonderful sunny morning I travelled on foot down the narrow back streets from my hotel, high on the hillside above the city of Cuzco, to the stunning square (Plaza de Armas) to soak in the vibrant atmosphere and admire the gorgeous old Spanish colonial buildings . . . particularly the Catedral.

This afternoon I am travelling by minibus to the small town of Mollepata where we will begin our seven day long trek along the High Inca Trail, past the snow capped peak of Salcantay to the ancient Inca city of Macchu Pichu.

So far everything has been delightful. I have stuffed myself with duck and quinoa, had a few bottles of local Qusquena beer (which I am reliably informed, can also be bought in Morrison´s in Huddersfield) and not suffered any of the effects of acute mountain sickness but for a little bit of breathlessness when thinking too hard, but that happens even when I´m trying to write a note to the milkman back in Chippernam.

And now I´m in an internet cafe writing my blog, thousands of miles away from home. I can´t write much though because I hear the call of the guinea pigs.

Hasta luego!

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