Did you know that [counter] people have been having a skeg at my little autonomous region?


Mr Ubaldo Quispe


Today I travelled to wildest bits of the Wiltshire Wilderness (Trowbridge) and the sexiest bits of the Somerset Swamps (Bath) but nothing I did or saw during my day tramping the highways and byways as a nomadic Foot Health Practitioner gave me anywhere near as much pleasure as my email from Exodus Travels containing my final joining instructions for my forthcoming trip to the most isolated bits of the Inca Trail. 

So unless I’m abducted by aliens or invited to become Kim Jong-un’s body double (neither of which can be entirely ruled out when living and working in the Wiltshire Wilderness), I am absolutely definitely jetting off to Peru in twenty four days time. 

The email came from Rebecca, my top lady at Exodus, and contained details of everything I mustn’t forget (a hanky, a piece of string, a shilling, a yellow fever vaccination, etc.). It also told me the times of the three aeroplanes I’ll be flying on from Heathrow to Madrid to Lima to Cuzco and that Mr Ubaldo Quispe will be the leader and guide for this trip. 

But Rebecca sent me another email too, thanking me for sending her links to my Iran pages within this blog. She said she enjoyed reading it. I’ve a feeling in my hollow tooth that she meant what she said but I suppose, considering an Exodus customer with as much a yearning to travel as I have, she must have had ££ signs in her eyes at the prospect of my future business and was hardly going to say it’s crap. So thank you too Rebecca. 

I love Exodus Travels. I don't normally enthuse all that much about businesses or organisations but everything they have ever said or done or sent me on has impressed me enormously. They really are the movement of jah people. They really are the snow leopard's bollocks.

Click on their bit of the world wide web and have a good skeg:

Reset yer compass with Exodus Travels

And I just can’t wait to meet their man in Cuzco, Mr Ubaldo Quispe. I only hope he feels the same way about me.

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