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Easter Monday


Today I didn’t travel anywhere. Today I looked out of my window and watched the rain pouring down. There is nothing more depressing than a wet Bank Holiday Monday in England.

Today I was so fed up that I couldn't even be bothered trying to squeeze a cheeky word into the title of my blog entry.

Happy Easter everybody. 

Today I needed to travel. It is on days like this that my frustrated little mind goes into overdrive and I make plans to get away. Namibia, North Korea, Argentina and Ireland featured much more in my mind than Chippenham did today. 

But every cloud has a silver lining, including the big black one that is over my head right now. Today I bought some top quality walking socks. I did wonder if I might have been better waiting until I got to Peru and buying some colourful alpaca wool ones but somehow, buying them today cheered me up a bit.


me and the world map

Where I've been (so far).


The green bits on the map above are where I want to go next, the red bits are where I've lived, the dark blue bits are where I've been and the light blue bits are the sea though I've been to quite a lot of them too.

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09/04/2012 22:32:33 - Sina

Love your blogging Terry. You obviously have too much time on your hands. We have to find you a woman to travel with.
You should have done the Charity Car Treasure Hunt in Grittleton with us. Was great fun and really hard to do. Lots of brain used today :)