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Little Prick


Today I travelled to the Lodge Surgery in the fashionable Pewsham district of Chippenham and all for the sake of a little prick. Yes, with holiday time approaching (have I mentioned Peru before?) it was time for me to go and have a booster for my Hepatitis A vaccination. I’ve got Heppy A and B on my little record card you know. I wonder if I get them all they’ll give me a free t-shirt. 

I discovered today that I also have to have a Yellow Fever jab. I’ve got to travel to a clinic and hand over money for that little baby. How much more exciting can life get? 

My thighs are very sore from yesterday’s mountain daredevil stunt, by the way, but plans are already afoot for next weekend’s physical punishment . . . Heytesbury here I come!

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12/04/2012 17:22:35

I once turned down a free Yellow Fever jab :S

13/04/2012 00:25:00 - Terry Mullan

Who wrote 'I once turned down a free Yellow Fever jab' in the last comment? And who offered it to you? Someone dodgy down the pub?

18/04/2012 01:03:09

Nope, all legal and above board, but just didn't need it. I know you should never look a gift horse in the mouth, but I don't think horses get Yellow Fever either, whether you look in their mouths or not!!

18/04/2012 01:10:48 - Terry Mullan

But you still haven't said who you are!!!???