Did you know that [counter] people have been having a skeg at my little autonomous region?




Well I travelled to Berlin and I travelled back again . . . exactly a week ago. Since then I have done bog all but work and slob around stuffing my fat face with rubbish food and not doing any exercise whatsoever. I almost convinced myself that the peanuts in a Marathon would count as one of my five a day but forgot that they would make my neck ache due to my mild nut allergy. How pathetic! I have done lots of work though and raked in lots of money so my time since my return from the Fatherland hasn’t been completely wasted. 

My pre Peru plan was going so well before I went to Berlin but when I got there it all went to pieces. A bit of a boozy, blokey weekend with lashings of beer, kilograms of gorgeous German cherry cake (Kirschkuchen) and too much sitting about but I was sort of expecting that to happen from the moment I booked it. 

The combination of the late nights enjoying myself while I was away and the long days working in the week that I got home left me feeling well and truly Sodomie getrieben (as they might say in Germany) and not feeling like doing much at all. The feelings of envy of my friends Andrea currently away cycling in Nepal, Lesley skiing in Canada, Pat doing what Pat does in the Cape Verde Islands and Eileen doing respite care in Weston-super-Mare exacerbated my sad, sad situation. 

But now it is time to stop moaning and groaning and eating and yawning and tomorrow we start again . . . just you wait and see!

I’ll tell you what I have been doing though. I’ve been knocking my travel journal and photographs into shape so one day soon you’ll be able to relive my Berlin experience (and more) by clicking on the ‘Tripping About’ tab and picking out the appropriate trip to have a read of.

So I suppose in a clutching at straws sort of way, this last week has been worthwhile but it just doesn’t feel like it and I feel so weary. I hope those big pointy Andes are going to be gentle with me in May.

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