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Poor Wee Mermer


All he ever wanted was to be able to lick his own genitals (and who can blame him?), play with his little blue and white ball with a bell in it and lie in the sun whilst provocatively nibbling Purina Pro-plan Junior in the hope that a feline femme would wander over his way to join him in the nibbling. But all of that was  taken away from him so cruelly at such a tender age because he was FIP+, a hideous and incurable disease which apparently prematurely ends the lives of almost ten percent of young cats.

My beautiful little friend, Mermer, only lived for seven short months. In his lifetime he saw only one Leeds United manager, he slept with a well-known television actress and he moved my heart like no other little creature ever has. Who else can boast these things?


Poor Wee Mermer

Poor Wee Mermer.


This morning, with a heavy heart, I took him for his last ever visit to the vet in Veliko Tarnovo and now he is sleeping peacefully, albeit under half a metre of earth outside in my cold and wet Bulgarian garden rather than at the foot of my bed where we had become accustomed to him spending his nights. I still worry about him and wish that poor little innocent soul wasn’t out there on his own.

The vet could do nothing to help him, apart from putting him out of his misery, so now I am left with only treasured memories of the four months he lived with me and my other two cats, and his few possessions which amount to nothing more than his little blue and white ball with a bell in it and his European Union Pet Passport … he was so pro-European, and not just because I had brainwashed him to be that way. He was a cat with attitude!


Little Mermer's only possessions.




Mermer was a lovely little fella who, in the short period of time he was with us, brightened up my home and my life. During the final few cruel weeks of his life he was constantly by my side and I never stopped talking to him, which makes it all the harder to accept that today he has gone. Watching the vet end his suffering and then having to bury him in my garden wrapped in his favourite Greek flag beach towel (he knew he was from the Balkans but was too young to remember which bit) was one of the saddest things I have ever known.

Mermer, you were a proper little mate and I will never forget you.

Сбогом моят приятен български приятелю. Надявам се да спите добре.


Мермер Мълан




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06/02/2019 07:44:21 - Sophie Butters

R.I.P little Mermer

06/02/2019 23:31:30

10/02/2019 13:56:44 - Richard Wiltshire, E-mail address is hidden

My dear Terry
After reading your fascinating 2018 calendar and following your travels and exploits from Bulgaria to Barcelona to Britain and Back again, and loving all the wonderful descriptions and stories, we now genuinely share in your sorrow. Sara’s beautiful cat Ginnie, you may recall, left us 8 years ago. At ‘tender’ age of twenty one! and without us paying a single vet’s bill in that time, she was knocked down and, like Mermer, lies outside, under a beautiful bed of spring and summer bulbs. But unlike Mermer, she had a full life. Just 7 month’s of life is cruel. So our thoughts are with you.

23/04/2019 09:16:11 - Edel, E-mail address is hidden

Ah sorry to hear about Mermer, I'm just catching up on the last few instalments of your blog. Glad to see you writing again though. Look forward to seeing the next instalment! RIP Mermer