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The Rovin' Journeyman


Today, for the purpose of my work, I travelled to Calne and then along through Lyneham to Wootton Bassett and back via Compton Bassett to Calne before returning to my Chippenham home. 

So, take heed all those people who I had the pleasure of meeting today on this run, which I have repeated on a Tuesday every six weeks for about five years now, for I must tell you that I absolutely love this day in my work calendar. 

Every single one of them is a lovely, interesting and amusing person, they all live in clean houses, they all have clean and relatively healthy feet on which I ply my trade, none of them have ferocious dogs and they don’t all offer me cups of coffee but those that do, do so at the most appropriate points of the day when I am most in need of refreshment. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my working day today. Only a bit of sunshine and a couple o’jars o’stout could have made it better. But apart from becoming a whiskey tester or Head of Quality Control in a nymphomaniac factory, I can think of no better way of earning a living than roving around the lovely Wiltshire countryside, carrying out very minor surgical operations to bring enormous comfort to grateful customers in exchange for money and in a completely stress-free environment. 

The Dubliners once sang a song about it. Only the (place) names have been changed to protect the innocent, and it goes a little like this:


I am a rovin' journeyman, I roam from town to town,

And whenever I get a job of work I'm willing to sit down.

Me kit's all on me shoulder and me graftin' tool in hand

And around the country I will go a rovin' journeyman.

Whenever I come to Lyneham town the lassies jump for joy,

Says one unto another, "Well, here comes a rovin' boy."

Some treat me to a bottle and the others to a dram.

And the toast goes round the table, "Health unto the journeyman."


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