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John & Terry


I bet you would never have expected to see John Betjeman and me in the same film now would you? No, me neither but it has happened.

We are Seacroft, a short documentary made by raw young talent and local boy Ian Roden, looks at the lives of residents in the fashionable Seacroft district of Leeds and the demise of the 1960s built shopping centre that once stood there.

Betjeman’s words to describe the place are, I feel, rather harsh. Especially when you consider that he came from North East London which isn’t a part of the world that I would boast about living in. However, the film set in the land of my roots features Dorothy from the Seacroft Gate block of flats speaking very warmly about her life there, some very moving music by Andrew Edge and a bit of a poetry recital and a few photographs by me.

 Dorothy (in the middle) and some of the residents of Seacroft Gate.

 Dorothy (in the middle) and some of the residents of Seacroft Gate.


This is a lovely film which has left me with a feeling of pride each time I have watched it. This is partly because during the years that I lived in Seacroft the area and its people made an everlasting mark on me in a very good way, despite its reputation and problems, and partly because I got to read one of my poems in it whereas former Poet Laureate, John Betjeman, didn’t. That’ll teach him to go slagging us off!

Please give it a whirl. I'm sure you'll enjoy it even if you're not one of the chosen few that comes from Seacroft. 


We are Seacroft from Manook5productions on Vimeo.

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