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On the Sixth Day of Christmas


On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a return to work just as my mind had eased itself into unwound mode, torrential rain of Biblical proportions, a large traffic jam, a ferocious dog and twelve old ladies with ten toenails a-needing cutting.

Those words could also be used to describe a bit of a return to normality as today my day was filled with the typical Monday delights of travelling the highways and byways of Wiltshire and Somerset to care for the feet of the needy and footsore, and my status in my house returned to ‘alone’ as third born went swanning off to Swansea to see her mates for a couple of days.

Second born will be home again tomorrow though for the celebrating of New Year’s Eve and my work pattern will return to ‘relaxed’ the following day as I have a day away from the cut and thrust world of the Foot Health Practitioner to celebrate New Year’s Day.

My new mobile is still working but I didn’t take any photographs today. So, rather than disappoint you, here’s one I prepared earlier.


From left to Right: Nick Nairn, meself and Martin Colley aboard  the m/v Cape Grenville somewhere in the South China Sea, December 1978.

From left to Right: Nick Nairn, meself and Martin Colley aboard 

the m/v Cape Grenville somewhere in the South China Sea,

December 1978.

You may have noticed that Nick Nairn was the only one of

the three of us who went on to become a well known TV Chef.

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