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A Man With An Enormous Organ


I knew that title would grab your attention!

I feel like I’ve been neglecting, of late, one of the things that I like doing best. Have you noticed that I’ve not scribbled a sentence on my blog pages for weeks? I feel really bad about being so negligent. I used to think that negligent was a word meaning a gent’s negligee. You know, a lass’s garment adjusted to fit a gentleman’s body, rather like a night time equivalent of the mankini. But I digress and I mustn’t because time is of the essence these days. I feel like I am letting my hordes of adoring readers down by not providing you with the regular updates of my travels that you have come to know and love. The trouble is I’ve been so busy. I just can’t cope. The pressure is too much for me and something has had to give and sadly that something has been the writing.

I’ve got a bit of a blog backlog at the moment. I haven’t finished writing about my trip to the Sicilian Volcanos back in September. I haven’t even started writing about an equally spectacular trip to dear old Leeds (incorporating Pontefract and Wetherby) in October to meet up with some wonderful old friends I hadn’t seen for decades and a couple of friends who I had never even met before. As well as all the emotional reunions, while I was there I took in football match in which Glory Glory Leeds United thrashed Birmingham City four nil. I also attended three live musical performances, they being a band called Tamikrest performing nomadic Saharan blues at the Opera North bit of the Grand Theatre, a band called The Strikes performing covers of ska and punk classics from the 1980s at the Duck & Drake pub, and a bloke called Simon Lindley doing a recital of classical music on his enormous organ in Leeds Town Hall. The situation is going to get even worse in the next few days as I’m off to Rome for one of my easyJet low budget special gallivantings and I expect you’ll be expecting to hear all about that little adventure too.

Oh and there’s loads of other stuff I haven’t done yet. There are so many travel journals and photographs to sort out that this is becoming a bit like work. In fact, if I was this far behind with work I’d probably get the sack. But if I got the sack then at least I’d have loads of spare time to sit at home doing bugger all except blogger it all.


Simon Lindley and his enormous organ . . . at Leeds Town Hall.

Simon Lindley and his enormous organ . . . at Leeds Town Hall.


Speaking of my work, it has been extraordinarily demanding this year as there seems to be more and more callosity infested and fungally infected elderly people as each week passes. Doris, Gladys and Iris aren’t the sort of names that are given to new born members of the human race in these modern times but there seems to be more and more of them all the time. I reckon something’s afoot in this department as just about every day I find a new Doris, Gladys or Iris limping towards me with an expectant look on her face, even though she’s probably a bit too long in the fallopian tube to be expectant. Still, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all this work pays for all these trips and every toenail snipped gets me a mile further away from Chippenham. So forty minutes with Doris is enough to get me to Melksham. Doris, if you’re reading this I’d just like to say, “I love you Doris!”

I’m off work this week which sort of means that I’m working harder than ever. Decorating is the name of the game and in every game there’s a winner and a loser which is sort of appropriate as I feel such a loser locked away in that back bedroom with a tatty bit of sandpaper in one hand and a refreshing glass of brush cleaning fluid in the other. But it’s a means to an end because as soon as my house is all smart and tarty it’s going on the market and my financial and leisure situations will each improve a thousand fold and the travelling floodgates will well and truly open.

So please bear with me. My plans for broadcasting details of my trips around the world to the world are just as ambitious as my plans to travel and I promise that every second that I am not away travelling, or out toenail cutting, or incarcerated at home with a few cans (of Dulux) will be spent tapping away at Terry’s Terrific Travel Typewriter. It’s a PC really but that would spoil the alliteration.


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