Did you know that [counter] people have been having a skeg at my little autonomous region?




I had all sorts of plans for today. I had planned to do my business accounts, sort out my washing, unpack what remained in my tripping bag from my Hungary trip, go for a run, tidy up my garden, do a bit of cleaning or even attempt to ascend slightly to somewhere higher than base camp on my horrible mountain of miscellaneous paperwork.

I expect you’ve detected a general theme that links all of the above. That’s right, they’re all downright bloody mind-blowingly tedious to the point that they make my nose bleed and my teeth turn into wood.

So instead I did something that gave me immense pleasure. I spent the entire day slogging at my blogging. I have written stacks on here today, all typed up retrospectively I’m afraid. My Hungarian Happiness Hike had too much packed into it to enable me to find the time to do bloggery while I was there. I kept the usual hand written journal, of course, but what used to be a precious document to me in the past is now merely a set of notes for the purpose of creating a more accurate, informative and rambling travel blog.

I’m so sorry if you’ve had trouble keeping up with the deluge. I’ve kept this piece nice and short, partly to give your word weary eyes a little rest and partly because absolutely nothing worth mentioning has happened since I returned from my travels, apart from the horrible weather we’ve been having, the six long day week I’ve just worked and the fact that I have put on a few pounds so that my weight loss diet is in tatters.

I’ve been feeling a bit miz this week so sitting here all day today writing about my passion has cheered me up a tremendous amount. I’m going away again in eighteen days . . . that’s the real antidote to my post-holiday, fat-feeling, monotony enduring blues.

Oh I’m suddenly so excited! 

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