Did you know that [counter] people have been having a skeg at my little autonomous region?




Whoever it was that drew up the plans for Keszthely at the western extreme of Lake Balaton obviously hadn’t studied Terry’s Terrific Rules because it was cold there and overcast.

I hadn’t really expected anything to be open because it was late on a Sunday afternoon in a land where everything seemed to shut down in observance of the Sabbath by late morning on Saturday. I soon discovered that I had expected almost right, but only almost. There were quite a few tattoo and body piercing shops poised to do business as were the multi-flavour ice cream vendors’ on every street corner and enough cafés and restaurants for each tourist there to have one to themselves i.e. six.

What really impressed me about the town was its extraordinarily large Fő Tér. Even though it was only the second one I had seen since discovering what the term Fő Tér meant, it did appear to be much larger than what the good people of Keszthely really needed, so I took some photers.


keszthely fo ter

A photer of the Fő Tér on a grey day in Keszthely.

There also seemed to be far more museums than you would expect to see in a town of such a modest size, or even in Rome for that matter. A wander round a small museum might have brightened my ever so slightly glum frame of mind so I was disappointed, though not surprised, that they were all shut. I was particularly disappointed, and surprised that it existed in the first place, by the fact that the Marzipan Museum was closed. After the Yaz’d Water Museum in Yaz’d in the middle of the desert in the middle of Iran, the Keszthely Marzipan Museum suddenly shot up to number two on my list of rather pointless but must see museums before I die.

All that remained to be done before revisiting Highway 71 for the return trip to Balatonalmádi was to have a wander round the grounds of the imposing neo-Baroque Festetics Palace which had been completed in 1857 and had over a hundred halls and rooms to visit. Well it would have done but the place was closed. The spectacular fountains in the grounds would have made up for this, being strikingly photogenic in the late afternoon sunshine had it not been dreary and overcast and had they not been turned off. 

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