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The Bitterest Pill


Today there dawned a new era in the history of my travel journalising malarkey. I have suddenly become the proud owner of a tablet. From my next trip onwards I shall no longer be scribbling away in a stylishly manufactured travel journal book thingy which I normally buy for two or three quid from Wilkinson’s. Instead I expect to be tapping away at something digital and immediately uploading my scribbled rantings to this bloggery site on a daily, if not hourly, basis. This marks a very sad end to a pastime I have enjoyed passing the time with for many, many years but, as the world and its technology move forward, so must I and so must the lady who stocks the stationery shelf in Wilkinson's. Heaven only knows how I will break the news to her.


New Tablet

My new tablet.


There are four reasons for doing this. Reason number one is that very few people ever read what I have written in my books. I love them to bits and will treasure them until the day I die but sometimes I wonder what the point of writing them was. The second reason is that my travel blog website, if you haven’t already noticed, tends to concentrate on me moaning and groaning about how much I hate being in England and wishing I was away from here and it contains very little about me actually being out and about and travelling in foreign climes. There ain’t no third reason but the fourth is that I find that writing in a book whilst away on a trip not only takes up valuable time when I should be out exploring the location of that foreign clime but it also makes my wrist ache.

But there is news even more significant than this on the travel front. My delightful third born child, Rose, has decided that she needs to know a bit more about geography and consequently we have been together taking part in an on line quiz to identify the countries of various continents, we have drunk wine from various Mediterranean locations and she willingly accepted a pocket atlas of the world. At last I felt as though I had succeeded as a parent.

The day got even better for Rose when she found a very, very tiny mushroom in the carton of mushrooms that she opened to add to our creamy chicken and mushroom stew that we had for our tea. This had nothing to do with travelling or blogging but finding a mutant fungus which wasn’t attached to an old lady’s foot was more than a simple northern lad could ever hope for.


Rose Mushroom

Our Rose and her fungi to be with.


Please, dear reader, carry on reading these pages. With my new found new-fangled new computer thing I anticipate being much more prolific in a sort of travel blog way. What in the world could be more exciting than me being out and about in the big wide world with a tablet? 

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