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Miss Saigon


I’m leaving Saigon today with a heavy heart. I’ve had a wild time here taking in a just a small drop of the 333 beer and a large dollop of local culture so I'm really going to miss the place and the people I have met here. The nearby Cu Chi tunnels dug and inhabited by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam-America war were fascinating and the War Remnants Museum was harrowing. It hurts to think that these lovely, smiling, polite and friendly folk could have had such a hard time in the past.

My only disappointment with this city has been that I didn’t get to eat some snake as I had been led to believe I would. I was told that there were many restaurants and cafés that served snake but unfortunately the word ‘snack’ is pronounced as ‘snake’ in these parts so an all day anaconda remains on my list of things to tantalise my pallet on future trips.

I have had an absolutely fabulous time in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and they are all places that will forever remain in the happy end of my mind. Goodbye Indo-China and thank you for a truly wonderful trip.


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