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Tootling in Thailand


Two days into my Indo China trip and it would appear that my expensive anti rabies injections were a complete waste of money as I haven’t been bitten by anything yet, despite the fact that there are four Aussies in our group. I’ve done a lot of biting myself though as we seem to spend more time eating than cycling and the food is a remarkably lush and plentiful.

We spent the first day tootling around the Khao National Park on our cycles . . . a shortish trip to get used to our machines. This was a bit on the uncomfortable side as it was very hot and I had to do it in my UK winter travelling clothes that I had flown out in as my suitcase containing my more sporty attire had chosen to spend an extra half day in Kuala Lumpur without me.

By the second day I was fully kitted out though still rather uncomfortable as the beautiful Thai sunshine raged down on us making certain areas of my person even stickier than the steamed rice that has been fed to us at regular intervals. The sticky journey was one of more than 80 kilometres from Khao Yai to the second hotel in Prachinburi province, breaking our journey along the dirt roads through the paddy fields with stops at numerous Buddhist temples for refreshment and a visit to the ‘happy room’ on route. They seem to have in Thailand a Buddhist temple everywhere that Britishers would have a motorway service station, though our cycling stops today seemed much more serene and green than anything that Leigh Delamare on the M4 might have to offer.

What I admired most about these comfort breaks was the fashion style of the monks. Bright orange habits so they would never likely to be run over by a reversing bin lorry and very neat hairstyles, not all that dissimilar to my own.

Any road, Thailand is a lovely place, its people are very friendly and I’m having a wonderful time, just in case you were wondering. The only thing that hampers my pleasure is the pictures of England’s most despicable football teams (the red one from Manchester and the blue one from London) printed on the sides of the cans of Singha beer.

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