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Minaret Margaret


Margaret is eighty-four years old and for a big chunk of her life she lived and worked with her husband in Dubai. They live in Bath now.

Tonight while I was treating Margaret’s feet, snow fell thickly outside, the Flower Duet from Delibes’ Lakmé crackled away on an old record player in the corner of her sitting room and she told me how she goes back every February to revisit her special place where the Arab sun shines.

I stopped work to admire the smile on her face as she recalled, in a broad West Country accent, her favourite restaurants, the park, the beach, the old market and all her old friends, a few of whom still live there. She paused only to sip tea from the mug on which she warmed her hands, looking over her shoulder through the window at the blizzard and beaming as she told me how excited she was as she counted down the remaining three weeks until she would be flying off once again to the warmth of the Persian Gulf.

Eighty-four years old and still as excited about travelling as she has ever been. Good on you Margaret my dear friend. You are a true inspiration.

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24/01/2013 00:51:44 - Paul Ridge, E-mail address is hidden, www.paulridgeblog.com

You do realise that one day someone will be hacking away at your feet whilst you dribble on, muttering things like "Did I ever tell you about the time I found the lost treasure of the Incas? It weren't in t'Peru ... it were in a charity shop in Calne!"

I know what you mean about dear old Margaret, though ... I feel the same way about you :)