Did you know that [counter] people have been having a skeg at my little autonomous region?


Exodus Expert


The latest issue of the Exodus Travels’ Extracts magazine came in the post today and I’m in it, on page 30. Fame at last, even though they spelt my surname wrong. I’m in a feature called ‘Ask the Experts’ where I give short answers to five travel questions asked by readers. Me . . . an expert . . . gosh!

One of my customers always tells me while I’m treating his feet that I’m the expert, and then goes on to say that an ex is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure. Oh how we laugh!

What I have written amounts to very little within the feature but it’s a start. It thrills me to be recognised and appreciated in this way by a travel company that I look upon as family and it’s come about as a direct consequence of me tapping away at this blog.

At the top of ‘my page’ it says that I will be giving an account of my Bosnia Herzegovina trip in the next issue. I know my next contribution will be a lot meatier than the first so I’ve already started writing it. In fact I’m finding that doing the writing is almost as fulfilling as travelling through the country was.

So today I have felt more than ever that I might just, one day, manage to scrape a living from my passion for travel. Earlier this week I had a flurry of Facebook messages from a friend who is currently in Equatorial Guinea doing voluntary work. As a long established hard core traveller she understands the frustration I must endure through having to work and live in England. Her words encourage me to travel further afield than I already do and she has made me think even more about doing a TEFL course to enable me to work abroad.

Tonight my head is thousands of miles away from Chippenham. 

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