Did you know that [counter] people have been having a skeg at my little autonomous region?




Today Joan, one of my dear elderly lady clients, told me about the hysterical hilarity of the cracker pulling session during her Christmas dinner with her three friends. Cath pulled her cracker first and out popped a blue hat which matched perfectly the blue blouse that she had on.  Edna’s cracker contained an orange hat exactly the same colour as her jacket. The next party hat to emerge was almost the same shade of purple as Myra’s skirt. Finally, from Joan’s own cracker, popped paper festive headgear which went very well with her pink cardigan. Can you imagine anything more funny than that? Joan and I can’t . . . but each for different reasons.

Meanwhile, in the flat next door, Bert’s brown Christmas cracker hat matched his teeth, Norman’s green hat matched his toenails, Wilf’s yellow hat matched his liver and Harry’s black hat went very, very well with his rubber underwear.

I’ve had a wonderful Friday night tonight. I fixed my garage door myself (which I had expected to cost me £80), and I have listened to beautifully haunting Moroccan music and drunk a splash of whisky whilst removing the ghastly clutter of Christmas decorations from my favourite rooms in my house. I might buy some Easter eggs tomorrow.

And did I mention that our Seán and his mum, Hilary, were on the witty, amusing and very entertaining BBC Television quiz show Pointless this evening? I was very proud of them both even though they did crap. They're on again next Monday to show hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman what dogged determination can do. Go Team Mullan!


Seán's and Hilary's new friends, Alexander and Richard.

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05/01/2013 09:29:17 - Jimmy

Splash of whisky .... sweet as a nut.