Did you know that [counter] people have been having a skeg at my little autonomous region?




A year has passed since I started tapping away at this toe and travel related tomfoolery on my keyboard. In fact my keyboard has passed too and I now have a snazzy new wireless one which means I no longer have to sit in the solitary gloominess of the computer room at Terry Mullan Foot Health Care Ltd’s premises to pour my heart out to the world. I can now talk/type bollocks in my kitchen as I knock up yet another pan of Coquilles Saint-Jacques or as an alternative to reading Proust whilst sitting on the lavvy.

In the last year I have completed and enjoyed every second of six big trips (to Germany, Peru, Scotland, Bosnia Herzegovina, Spain and the Netherlands) and my obsession for travel has developed into a hopeless addiction. I’ve spent so much time travelling and so much time working to pay for all the travelling that I haven’t really had time to write about it all on here as I had originally intended. But please bear with me as I will one day complete my task. I have extensive notes in my Ernest Hemingway style travel journals and extensive memories in my Spike Milligan style brain so as soon as I have the time I will document every single moment spent outside of England. It may not be until I am a bed ridden carcass in a care home for the elderly but I promise you it will happen before my passport is stamped with an entry visa at the pearly gates.

I have many plans for travelling next year and for the rest of my life. Only a cycling trip across Indo China has been firmly booked so far so I’m nowhere near as well prepared as I was a year ago but more will be revealed if you keep reading my scribble.

I also have a big plan for 2014 which will enhance my travelling capabilities in the long term but may well mean that I don’t go far that year. It will mean saying a sad goodbye to Casa De La Revolución Gloriosa which has been my home since the summer solstice of 1996 but it will mean saying hello to somewhere even more exciting like Bolivia or Madagascar or Devizes.

Joan, one of my lovely old customers, told me the other week never to give up travelling. She gave up a long time ago and now regrets it. It had been a joint decision made with her now deceased husband. They had come to the conclusion that all the fun had been taken out of travelling when the one-way system was introduced to Darlington town centre. She has since seen my photographs from Cuba and Iran and admitted that she had been wrong.

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